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Course Code: First Grade

Ms. Fuller's First Grade Class


First grade is similar to a good home, where children can learn through playing, watching, listening, acting, reading, and writing. It is a place where they can explore their environment, ask and answer questions, and most importantly take ownership and pride in their work.

It is a place where the teacher is like a parent-opening their children's eyes to God's creations and growing with them on their spiritual journey.

Most importantly, it is a place where children begin to master reading and writing and will in turn develop a deep desire to be the best readers and writers possible.

Class Values


  • To create a Christ-centered, safe, and nourishing environment.

  • To respect and appreciate all children.

  • To encourage children's belief in themselves to be successful.

  • To create excitement in the learning process.

  • To meet each child where they are and guide them where they need to be.

  • Important Information


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    About Ms. Fuller


    This is my sixth year teaching first grade.

    I have a B.S. in elementary Education and am returning ti SIUE for my Masters in Literacy Education.

    I adore all of my students and enjoy reading everyday with them.

    In my free time I enjoy reading and coaching soccer, basketball and volleyball.