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Course Code: Fourth Grade

Mrs. Phetsadasack's Fourth Grade Class


I absolutely love being an educator and sharing my strengths with others. If I complete my job properly, students will learn from my example that being responsible and being accountable are two necessary components for leaving a positive "footprint" not only in the classroom, but in our society as well!

Class Values


Learning that "good enough isn't always good enough" is my classroom motto. I strive to encourage students to give their best and then some, to persevere even when the subject or circumstances isn't in their comfort zone. With hard work, asking for help when necessary, and working together as a team, students will learn that even the toughest class, for example, can become a success story.

My hope is that my students will become living witnesses of these traits for others.

Class News


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Class Picture's


Fun Facts About Me

  • I was in the Navy for four years.

  • I taught in a high school before leaving to be a mom.

  • I love to read!

  • A few years ago I wrote my own novel, but it’s still just sitting on my computer

  • My hobbies are reading, writing...going to the movies (that’s a hobby, right?)!!! Watching hockey!!!!!!!

  • My favorite color is pink!

  • I love teaching and will do whatever I can to help you reach your goals.

  • I have so many favorite saints, I can’t pick one over the other, but I do have a strong devotion to St. Michael the Archangel.