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Course Code: Second Grade

Mrs. Bozzardi's Second Grade Class


As a teacher, my mission is to create a warm, loving and stable classroom environment in order to enable and encourage the educational growth and development of my students.

As a Catholic School Teacher, I am blessed to also have the opportunity to foster the social and spiritual growth of my students.

The number one rule in Second Grade is the Golden Rule. Students are encouraged to practice it in all that they say and do.

Class Structure and Values


Second Grade is an important year in the faith formation of our students. In the Fall, we prepare for First Reconciliation, and in the Spring, for First Eucharist.

The preparation process includes special Religion books and also activities, such as the First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Preparation Workshops.

These workshops focus on the meaning and spirituality of each Sacrament, and are held for the Second Grade students and their parents prior to each event.

Important Information


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Class Pictures


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