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Course Code: Seventh Grade

Mrs. Scheller's Seventh Grade Class


I truly believe that SS. Peter and Paul School gives my children and the children I teach everything they would ever need to be well-rounded, productive Catholics.

Class Structure


I strive for a classroom filled with projects and activities that will make each student eager to learn and enhance their God-given talents.

I want every student to feel important and respected every time they enter my room.

Finally, I wish for every student to see my love for teaching through my words and actions, and in turn, develop a love for learning themselves.

Class Values


My objective is to have a safe, Christ-centered classroom where all students will learn to be independent and successful people now, and in the future.

Important Information


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Class Pictures


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About Mrs. Scheller


To say that I care for this school and parish would be an understatement. I started my education as a student of SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School, and I now have the privilege to teach here.

My husband and I send our children to this school and coach a few of the sports teams.