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Course Code: Sixth Grade

Mrs. Lilek's Sixth Grade Class


I am excited to be part of the Ss. Peter and Paul community! I am very enthusiastic about working with children and aim to help students to become lifelong learners. Every child is unique and deserves to be given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in school and in their everyday life. I have high expectations for my students, and I create lessons that allow students to understand the use of education in environments outside of school. When students leave my classroom, they will understand that education is an important asset to a successful future.

Class Structure


Students who will enter my classroom can expect a "hands-on" learning experience, regardless of the subject matter. With an obvious witness to my faith, my classroom will have an interactive, engaging, team-building, Catholic experience during our time together.

I love to integrate many subjects together, so incoming students can expect, for example, math/science related activities such as engineering bridges, towers, and catapults as well as other types of projects to not only learn core subject matter in math and science, but also to learn how to cooperate and truly work with others to solve a problem.

Making lessons fun and active is a priority of mine, regardless of the content involved.

Class Values


My goal for sixth grade is that students will learn that collaboration is essential in all of life’s endeavors. Using collaborative skills will benefit all students, by allowing them to share experiences and knowledge with each other. The class will learn to collaborate through work and decision making. Our classroom is a positive learning environment influenced by God’s actions and desires for us. Students will learn to value and respect each other through collaboration in a supportive, positive learning environment.

Class News

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Class Picture's


I am an identical twin!

I am a recent graduate from SIUE with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education.

Some hobbies of mine are scrapbooking, running and shopping!

I chose to become an educator, because I wish to inspire children to enjoy learning as much as I do!