Four Year Old Preschool – Collinsville, Illinois

Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Preschool – Collinsville, Illinois

Four-year-old Preschool Classes

We start out every day by updating the calendar and singing a song as a class using our Smart Board. Other weekly activities include:


Every week we focus on one letter. This week we’re focused on the letter “S”. Our activities include:

  • Introduction of the letter puppet, Ms. Super Sock
  • Singing Ms. Super Sock’s song
  • Reading the Alphatales book “Seal’s Silly Sandwich”
  • Making the “S” page for our ABC book by gluing construction paper to make a squirrel and tracing the word “Squirrel”
    • Each child gets to take home their ABC Book at the end of the year!
  • Reading “The Sun” and finger paints our own sun by mixing yellow and orange paints
  • Learning about Snakes through exploration of snake picture and making our own snakes out of paper towel rolls
  • Reading “Starfish” and water coloring a starfish
  • Reading “Sammy the Seal” and coloring, cutting out and gluing a seal
  • Creating our letter “S” book which contains coloring, printing, cutting, and gluing activities focused around the sound of “S”
  • Show and Tell
    • Each week children are invited to bring an object that starts with the letter of the week to share with the class.


Our activities include:

  • Making AB/ABC patterns using Skittles
  • Sorting seashells by size and shape
  • Many of our center activities (listed below)


Center activities allow our students to learn in small groups. Activities include:

  • Building with Legos
  • Playing with Play-Dough
  • Putting together puzzles
  • Playing with geoboards
  • Creating patterns with pattern blocks
  • Building with building blocks
  • Playing with sand and water
  • Dramatic play


We learn about our Catholic faith through the Seeds program, which includes a weekly gospel reading and activities. We also use the What the Church Teaches and Believes book.

Extra-Curricular Classes

Each of the classes attend gym, music, and computer classes once a week.

Map and Directions

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