Three Year Old Preschool – Collinsville, Illinois

Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Preschool – Collinsville, Illinois

Three-year-old Preschool Classes

We start out every day by updating the calendar and singing a song as a class using our Smart Board. Other weekly activities could include:

  • Learning about shapes
    • Marching/Running/Hopping/Walking/Jumping in a circle
    • Eating circles (vanilla wafers)
    • Decorating a circle with circular paint daubers or by gluing a variety of sizes of circles
  • Learning about colors
    • Painting a pumpkin orange and gluing on pumpkin seeds
    • Playing Pass the Pumpkin, a game focused on identifying colors
  • Learning about numbers
    • Coloring the number three
    • Decorating with three stickers
  • Learning about letters
    • Stamping the letter “F” and using “F” stickers
    • Water coloring fish
    • Feeding fish to a penguin using goldfish crackers and counting/positional words
    • Decorating an “F” with feathers
  • Show and Tell
    • Our show and tell revolves around that week’s number and color. For example, a student during this week would bring three orange objects (like three Halo oranges)
  • Extra-Curricular Classes
    • Each week the three-year-old class attends music and gym


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