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01 Dec

As we begin the Advent season this Sunday, we continue to prepare our hearts for Jesus. We are encouraged by the simple words of hope and the gift of new life in the Christ Child. Our Advent prayer is that we all may follow the true light of Jesus that shines for all people and leads us to heaven. May you and your family enjoy a great start to December!

• Our Chirstmas Program is Tuesday at 6:30 in the gym. Come one and all as we watch the talents of our angels shine!!!

• St. Nicholas will make his appearance on Wednesday to bring a treat to every boy and girl and teacher!

• “Giving” – is the word of the month for December. While we honor our students of the month who have strongly demonstrated this by-word, we also are opening the opportunity to learn what it means to be a ‘Giver” not only in meterial goods but also gifts of the heart and generosity of spirit. We will learn about these every morning. Thank you to a special mom for sharing this idea.

• Penny Wars has made this a fun week and a way to raise money for the hurricane victims in Catholic Schools in Texas and Florida. So many pennies came in today so we are taking to the bank to be counted! We will have final totals on Monday. Donations will be sent to the National Catholic Education Association where 100% of the funds will be sent to affected dioceses . Thank you for starting our December ‘giving’ so generously!

• Save BOX TOPS from Holiday baking and entertainment and earn funds for our school! We will take them as you earn them!

• Sign up for the Basketball Clinic on December 21 beginning right after school dismissal at 11:15 am. Go HORNETS!

• You are invited to help shape the future of our school and join the School Board and Faculty on Thursday, January 18 as we develop the next 3-5 year plan together – plotting the future of our school! Details in January.

• In January we will ask each class to represent our school as Fellowship Hosts after Mass one weekend a month. We will need 2-3 from each grade to give a few minutes to set up before Mass and about 20-30 minutes after Mass. Liz Dalton will fill you in with details when you serve. Serving others is a spiritual discipline that Jesus modeled for us and we can model for our children and each other.

• IF you bought a pass at the Auction don’t forget Dress Down Monday, December 4 following dress code guidelines in the Handbook.

This week the Gospel message calls us to “Be Awake” “Be Alert” for we do not know the hour when the Lord will come. In this hustle and bustle of the busy season, let us be tuned in and alert to the beauty and wonder of our children and familes.

Mrs. Peg Bodinet
Interim Principal