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08 Dec

The Readings this Sunday warn us to “Prepare the Way of the Lord. Make his path straight.” We are called to repentance and to prepare for Jesus’ coming. On Tuesday we will have our school Reconciliation Service at 12:30 and on Wednesday our Second Grade students will have their First Reconciliation at 6:30 pm. Please pray for each other this week as we light our second Advent candle.

Our Chirstmas Program was beautiful! Thank you to everyone for your support, our students for sharing their talents, and to Mrs. Popovchak-Erickson and Mr. Sladek for being our guiding stars! Thank you to Hannah Small and Andrew Deadmond for your special help.

Thank you St. Nicholas (aka Tyler Webb and Logan Suria) for remembering us with candy canes on your Feast Day!

• Penny Wars was rollicking good fun and raised $912.52 to help Catholic Schools in Texas, Florida nd Puerto Rico affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Thank you for passing on your gifts to those in need. A true and loving “giving” spirit is alive and thriving at SS Peter and Paul Catholic School!

• Save BOX TOPS from Holiday baking and entertainment and earn funds for our school!

• Basketball Clinic – December 21 – lunch & clinic right after 11:15 school dismissal! Be there!

Extended Care Reminder: Thursday, December 21, we will only offer Before School Care so the staff can attend the Parish Staff Christmas party. We will be closed from the afternoon of December 21 – January 2. To ensure students and staff members safety, if the school closes for winter weather, Before and After Care will be closed as well.

Speaking of winter weather closings…… we will be doing a ‘test call’ to all of our families on Tuesday, December 12 about 6:00 pm to check our phone based School Messenger system. If you do NOT receive a phone message, please fast direct or call us at the school office.

Parents are invited to help shape the future of our school and join the School Board and Faculty on Thursday, January 18 as we develop the next 3-5 year plan together – plotting the future of our school! Details in January.

In January each class will be asked to represent our school as Fellowship Hosts after Mass one weekend a month. We will need 2-3 parents from each grade to give a few minutes to set up before Mass and about 20-30 minutes after Mass. Liz Dalton will fill you in with details when you serve. Let’s choose to be Servant Leaders to our fellow parishioners and guests.

If you bought a pass at the Auction don’t forget Dress Down Monday, December 11 following dress code guidelines in the Handbook.

“Giving” – is the word of the month for December. How did we give today? A smile? Letting someone go ahead of you and not complaining? Picking up someone’s pencil that has fallen? Asking how YOU may be of help to someone? What does it mean to be a true ‘Giver’ the way Jesus calls us to be?

Mrs. Peg Bodinet
Interim Principal