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21 Nov

We are Thankful – thank you to each of our parents who shouldered playground and cafeteria duty to allow our teachers a duty-free lunch together. It made for an enjoyable time for us to share a meal and a few laughs together. May the good things in life be yours in abundance and stay with you all year long. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Kathy Cook and Family for the new Keurig for the teacher’s lounge and to all of our parents and friends for the gifts of K-cups to keep us fortified! Such a thoughtful and caring gift – and one that will be used every single day!

• Penny Wars begins Monday, November 27 to raise a little fun and raise a little spirit and raise a little money for the victims of this fall’s Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Each class deposits their collection of pennies each day into their class milk jug in the school office. Deposits are tabulated each day. IF SOMEONE FROM ANOTHER CLASS deposits silver coin or a dollar bill into a jug – that total amount in pennies will be deducted from their total. (ie if a quarter is dropped in a milk jug, 25 pennies will removed thus reducing their total.) We will see who raises the most money by the end of the week! Donations will be sent to the National Catholic Education Association where 100% of the funds will be sent to affected dioceses .

• Save BOX TOPS from Holiday baking and entertainment and earn funds for our school. Note the SCAN and EARN information that can make collecting sooooo easy. Top BOX TOPS class in November wins a treat.

• Sign up for the Basketball Clinic on December 21 beginning right after school dismissal at 11:15 am. Go HORNETS!

• You are invited to help shape the future of our school and join the School Board and Faculty on Thursday, January 18 as we develop the next 3-5 year plan together – plotting the future of our school!

• In January we will ask each class to represent our school as Fellowship Hosts after Mass one weekend a month. We will need 2-3 from each grade to give a few minutes to set up before Mass and about 20-30 minutes after Mass. Liz Dalton will fill you in with details when you serve. Serving others is a spiritual discipline that Jesus modeled for us and we can model for our children and each other.

• IF you bought a pass at the Auction don’t forget Dress Down Monday, November 27th following dress code guidelines in the Handbook.

• Thank you, Student Council, their moderators, Mrs. Keifner and Ms. Reinhardt, and Mrs. Lynn Muniz for the Veteran’s Salute and Breakfast. We live in the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you!

May you and your family feel thankful and blessed with all God’s good graces during this beautiful season.
I am thankful and blessed to be here!

Mrs. Peg Bodinet
Interim Principal